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Hola! I'm Daniel Roa and I'm a Brooklyn based fashion photographer. I really love fashion, makeup, traveling, and learning! My work pulls strong influences from my Colombian heritage and my passion to learn about new cultures and languages.

I achieved a B.F.A. in Photography with a minor in Business Management & Entrepreneurship as well as Fashion Photography from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in 2020.

My most recent project pulls strong influences from being Queer, Non-binary, and Latinx. The work explores the beauty in breaking the gender binary by embracing the fluidity of one’s gender and the obsoleteness of gendering items such as fabric. My passion and love for photography has been developing for the past 8 years and I'm always down to work with others!

Exhibition / Publication

(2020) FotoFika, All Stars Trading Cards

(2020) SCAD NEXT Photography Book & Virtual Exhibition

(2020) Vogue Italia, Best of Photo Vogue

(2020) Viral Instagram filter, 108 Million+ views/uses

(2020) Bitter Zine, Edition 6 Drag and Royalty Realness

(2020) Soft Lightning Studio Vol. 1

(2020) Vogue Italia, Best of Photo Vogue

(2020) Vogue Italia, Best of Photo Vogue

(2020) Round Hole Square Peg 4, PHOTO LA 2020 & City of West Hollywood’s

           Plummer Park Gallery, Los Angeles, California, USA

(2020) Vogue Italia, Best of Photo Vogue

(2020) PH21 Gallery, Self(ie) and Other Portraiture, Budapest, Hungary

(2020) Connect Savannah, Print/Online Photo of “Anne Drogynous”
(2020) FotoFilmic, JRNL Issue 3, front and back cover, Curated by Joanna Milter
(2019) Vogue Italia, Best of Photo Vogue

(2019) PULSE Art Fair + Treat Gallery, Art Basel Miami, Florida USA

(2019) SCAD Open Studio - Photography Exhibition, Alexander Hall, Savannah, 

           Georgia USA
(2019) Cedar House Gallery, S/He, Savannah, Georgia USA

(2019) SCAD NEXT Photography Exhibition, Alexander Hall, Savannah, Georgia USA

(2019) SCAD NEXT Photography Book

(2019) Frostburg State University, 2nd Place in Self Not Selfie, Stephanie Ann

           Roper Gallery Frostburg, Maryland, USA Curated by Paul Runyon

(2019) Port City Review 8th Edition
(2019) South x Southeast PhotoGallery, Color Explorations, Molena, Georgia

            USA Curated by Ellie Pritts

(2019) Treat Gallery, Treat America Project, Foley Gallery and OSNY Project

            Space NYC, New York USA Curated by Jon Feinstein and Jamie Martinez

(2018) International Photography Awards, Honorable Mention

(2018) Savannah Open Studio - Photography Exhibition, Alexander Hall Savannah, 

           Georgia USA

(2018) Photographer’s Forum Finalist in Best of College & Highschool Photography 

           2018, 38th Edition Curated by Nell Campbell

(2018) Port City Review 6th Edition

(2018) Treat Gallery Treat America Instagram takeover & Exhibition

(2017) LA Photo Curator, Second Place in Vernacular Curated by Paul


(2017) OPEN THEME - Issue 04, Shoot Film UK Digital Magazine

(2017) Savannah Open Studio - Photography Exhibition, Alexander Hall Savannah,

           Georgia, USA

(2017) Open Studio Exhibition, Lacoste, France

(2017) deFINE Art, Alexander Hall Savannah, Georgia, USA 

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